Welcome to Africa!

Scout Tour: From Moscow to Dakar (April 8th to April 25th)
Tangier / Morocco

The day in Spain was very long and started at night, when we entered this last European country before coming to Africa. We had to drive on Spanish highways for a long time, from the northern part to the southern one. During our way to the port of Tarifa we saw many different landscapes, from fields to mountains, so we made some interesting shots of it. When we approached our final destination, it was interesting and very exciting to see the Moroccan seashore from the Spanish side! Africa is quite close here – about 15 km away and you can see it clearly! In Tarifa we also filmed and took some photos. In the evening we came to the port of Tarifa, where we met our partner Marcial from FRS company, who helped us cross the Strait of Gibraltar with the jet ferry. The jet ferry is a very fast ferry, who crosses the strait in 35 minutes at a speed of about 38 knots! At 9 pm we boarded the ferry and did some filming of the loading operation. It was wonderful to meet the captain of the ferry, who invited us to the bridge and we saw, how this huge «ship» is operated. So the 5th day of our tour ended at the border crossing in the Moroccan city Tangier. Now we are in Africa!


Author: Peter Bakanov