Through Russia

Scout Tour: From Moscow to Dakar (April 8th to April 25th)
M9 Highway / Russia

We started our scout tour of «Amarok Dakar2Moscow» near the junction between Moscow Ring Road and M9 Highway at the «Moscow» sign at 7 am. This will also be the place where we will finish our world record drive, when we’ll return to the Russian capital at the end of April. So we made some photos there and drove directly to the border between Russia and Latvia. During our way to the border we made some car to car filming. When we left the Moscow region it became a little bit colder, so we saw more snow on the road. We saw an ultralight plane in sky, so Rainer asked Alex to make some «James Bond»-style plane to car shots like a pursuit. A few hours later we met a guy, who was going on a bicycle from Kalinigrad, the westernmost point of Russia, to Vladivostok! A really serious and amazing challenge! After that we saw really exciting small «bazars», which were selling kips, bearskins and dummies of wild animals. All these Animals were caught in the forests nearby. So, it was a day full of excitement.


Author: Peter Bakanov