We are crossing Central Europe

World Record Run: Dakar to Moscow (April 22nd to April 25th)
France / Germany / Poland

There's not much to say about our time in France, but not because I don't like it. The problem is that we sprinted through it in less than 8 hours not stopping for anything. France has a magnificent highway system that they are constantly evolving, considered by the amount of roadworks on our way, but you can't see much behind the high walls that separate them from the world.

Germany was drastically different on this part. In terms of that you can see the countryside and green forests surrounding the unrestricted autobahn. This is why despite greater distance to cover, it took the Amarok less time to run across its homeland than whole France. We have experienced the full potential of our pickup's V6 engine and the Goodyear Wrangler tires. Despite being marked All-Terrain they were mighty capable of withstanding speed up to 190 km/h. Hills and valleys of Germany are just about to turn full green so we felt like it was still early autumn here. The temperature gauge on the dashboard dropped below 10 degrees for the first time, but we hardly noticed the changes because inside our car is always a comfortable climate.

With the moment we entered Poland started the second most important section of the whole route, after the gravel roads of Mauritania – Poland and Lithuania. This time the problem was not in road quality, but its width and endless lorry convoys. Also the speed limits are drastically low after what we had experienced earlier. By now, I can pronounce that we were blessed with luck on that record run so far.


Author: Georgy Golubev