The desert is coming

Scout Tour: From Moscow to Dakar (April 8th to April 25th)
El Aaiun / Morocco

Today we left Agadir and the landscape immediately changed to a desert. There is nothing for kilometers, except sand, stones, sun and the road. The distance between towns and villages becomes longer and longer. But the pavement is quite good and there is mobile connection to the Internet, so we can regularly update our blogs. And, of course, thanks to the Amarok`s air-conditioning system, we feel good even with +37°C outside! If you leave the car for more than 15 minutes in this sunlight, the skin starts slightly to «burn»! Despite the hot weather, we made a lot of interesting shots of the car and the landscapes, which show how the desert changes from one place to another. Near the city of Tan-Tan the road runs close to the Atlantic ocean. So we could go in the water, because in other places the seashore is so high that it is impossible to reach it. For example, we saw a giant hole in the ground near the ocean – it went down for more than 20 meters and at the bottom of it was a little bay with an «underground» seashore. Another interesting thing we saw in the desert were camels and windmill power stations! In the town of Tarfaya we met a lovely German couple, who had been traveling around Africa in their 4×4 IFA army truck for 2 years. In the evening we came to El Aaiun – the biggest city around here. Here we made a short break for shower and dinner before heading to Dakhla.


Author: Peter Bakanov