Across Poland and Germany

Scout Tour: From Moscow to Dakar (April 8th to April 25th)
Cologne / Germany

Yesterday evening we entered Poland and went non-stop to Germany all night. It was a good practice of intensive driving, how we'll do it during the world record. Early in the morning we entered Germany and, of course, we were very pleased driving on Germany’s Autobahn – this is a real German’s honor! And the Amarok made a very good performance, going on high speed on sections with no speed limits. So our first point was Hanover, where we had a meeting with partners from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and made an official photo shooting. After that our team came to Cologne for «pimping» our car with some interesting devices and meeting with another sponsors from Exide and Textar. In a special garage we checked the car, filled the engine with a new oil from Total Quartz, changed the battery and brake pads. We also installed an additional LED light in front of the bumper and two 170L fuel tanks in the cargo box – these devices will help us not to waste much time for refueling during the record tour and be safe on African roads. But the tanks were so big, it was a real challenge to put everything in the car. So we decided not to take the ice-box and some other staff. Otherwise we had to put it into the cabin, where we «live» during all this tour. After all preparations done, we are now going straight to Africa through France and Spain!


Author: Peter Bakanov