The way from Latvia to Poland

Scout Tour: From Moscow to Dakar (April 8th to April 25th)
Border Latvia-Poland

On our second day of the scout tour we started in Latvian town Daugavpils, where we met our partner Pavel from the local Volkswagen dealer early in the morning. Pavel equipped our car with all the necessary car equipment and parts like two tires, ropes, ice-box, tools and a power converter. Now our cargo box is fully loaded with different stuff and we can't imagine how we could get everything into a typical passenger car! So the Amarok is quite good for this duty. Also we want to say thank you to our friend Erik from Daugavpils, who helped us with the installation of the power converter into the cabin. Now we have stable 220V electricity for 24 hours! After making some pictures and videos of this town we went directly to Lithuania. There are two main things about the roads, which are common for these Baltic countries: there are no highways and there are low speed limits on the roads. Also there is a lot of road construction on the way from Daugavpils to Lithuania, so we spent half a day to cross these section and enter Poland.


Author: Peter Bakanov