From Germany to France

Scout Tour: From Moscow to Dakar (April 8th to April 25th)
Border France-Spain

We started our journey from Germany to France by refilling our fuel tanks in Mannheim. You know that we've installed two additional 140L tanks in our cargo box, so our total fuel volume is 360L and our range is about 2500 km. That's quite enough to cover the distance from this German city to the Spanish town of Tarifa, where we’ll cross the Mediterranean sea on our way to Africa. Near Mannheim we passed one of the most famous German race tracks, the Hockenheimring – we made some pictures for the memory and went on to the south-west part of Germany. Close to Freiburg we saw giant fields of cultivated asparagus. And it was interesting to see, how farmers are gathering the harvest – it’s so warm here, they can gather it even in April! We made a short stop for filming and taking pictures. On our way to France we crossed a narrow bridge, which used to be the border between Germany and France on the Rhine. After crossing the bridge we made some pictures of Fessenheim power plant barrage, which was built in 1956. We entered France in Alsace – a very beautiful place with hills, vineyards and pretty houses. After several hours we arrived in Spain at night.


Author: Peter Bakanov